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Signal icon over WhatsApp and iMessage, illustrating that Signal the superior communications platform
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All the reasons why Signal is better than WhatsApp and iMessage

Escape the clutches of data-hungry giants. Discover why Signal is the gold standard messaging app that supersedes WhatsApp and iMessage. From end-to-end encryption to open-source transparency, Signal empowers you to take control of your privacy. Read on to uncover why you should have made the switch yesterday.

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A 3D model of a database floating in a server room.
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Your stack's database is critical. Here's how to choose the best one

Discover the qualities of a good database, including being open source, allowing user role permissions, having open integrations and automations, centralizing information, making data portable, and being performant at scale. Prioritize building a robust, open database infrastructure for efficient operations and secure data management.

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A vibrant assortment of application icons set against a dark backdrop.
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Setapp: Productivity suite, or risky discoverability tool?

Setapp, the "Netflix of Mac apps," offers convenience but harbors the risk of apps vanishing from the platform. Balancing discoverability with platform stability, cautious app adoption is urged, highlighting the need to weigh subscription value carefully.

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The Txt Hub's webpage screenshot.
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NoCodeFounders interview: How I built The TXT Hub

The TXT Hub is a no-code texting app for sending anonymous quotes from celebrities and TV shows. Let's delve into the experience of building the app using tools like Typeform, Twilio, and Zapier and reflect on growth challenges and monetization strategies.

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A bell curve graph surrounded by depictions of software ecosystems.
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We're not in the software war, we're in the ecosystem war

Integrated ecosystems, like Apple's, shape user behavior, emphasizing the need for open standards and decentralized software to counter corporate dominance.

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