"My bizznaas, my bizznaas" —Ludacris

The components of the Business Model Canvas written on sticky notes, with a person holding a magnifying glass over the sticky notes.
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Launch your business idea with this free framework

The Business Model Canvas is a concise tool that helps you define your startup's vision and key elements like value proposition, customer segments, and revenue streams. It keeps you focused on building a viable business model, whether you're developing a new idea or refining an existing one.

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Two desktop computers adorned with a heart and a map icon are depicted in the image.
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5 key takeaways from doing live chat customer support

Live chat customer support revealed valuable insights, including the need for clear FAQs, the diverse nature of communication styles, managing rudeness, and sending recap emails for better customer experiences.

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A man donning a white hoodie featuring a Twitter message.
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Pros and cons of making yourself a part of your business

Embedding yourself in your business can build rapport and credibility. Deciding whether to be a visible face of your brand requires weighing the benefits against potential challenges.

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A bell curve graph surrounded by depictions of software ecosystems.
apple business ethics facebook social-media software tech

We're not in the software war, we're in the ecosystem war

Integrated ecosystems, like Apple's, shape user behavior, emphasizing the need for open standards and decentralized software to counter corporate dominance.

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A baffled woman holds up two signs, one displaying cross-selling and the other upselling.
business ecommerce marketing

Cross-selling vs. upselling: How to use each one in your business

Learn how upselling and cross-selling can drive business growth by offering upgraded products and complementary items. From Tee Tweets' success to broader industries, these strategies save costs, increase revenue, and keep customers satisfied.

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Tee Tweets logo and a white Tee Tweets hoodie with a depiction of a banking institution and money in the background.
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IndieHackers interview: Building Tee Tweets despite debt

Creating a successful clothing brand that lets you wear tweets highlights the challenges of quality, diverse audiences, and marketing. So take action, embrace your brand, and avoid waiting for the "perfect time."

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Bill Gates sitting in front of a big table with his books.
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There’s no single correct way of doing business—here’s proof

Diverse business: Warren Buffett's research, Gary Vaynerchuk's action, Bill Gates' reading, and Elon Musk's work ethic whose advice should I follow? There is no clear answer, but embracing different styles and self-awareness matter on the path to success.

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A low-angle shot of a basketball on the ground midcourt of a blacktop with the hoop in the background.
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How basketball correlates to entrepreneurship

Lessons from basketball for entrepreneurship: Teamwork, adaptation, and leveraging strengths matter in business, just like on the court. Studying and applying these principles can lead to significant improvements.

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