Marketers ruin everything.

A man donning a white hoodie featuring a Twitter message.
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Pros and cons of making yourself a part of your business

Embedding yourself in your business can build rapport and credibility. Deciding whether to be a visible face of your brand requires weighing the benefits against potential challenges.

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A large billboard in the middle of two large streets in a big city at night. The billboard reads:
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The idea behind building in public and why I do it

"Building in public" on platforms like LinkedIn challenges norms by openly sharing the journey of creation, even amid concerns of vulnerability. Despite social media's drawbacks, the push to raise awareness and spark new discussions keeps this approach relevant for authentic sharing and learning.

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A mastodon sending a Twitter bird in tears on a paper airplane.
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15 things you can do on Mastodon that you can’t do on Twitter

Discover 15 distinctive features that set Mastodon apart from Twitter, offering a glimpse into the world of decentralized and ethical social media, from server customization to encryption options.

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A baffled woman holds up two signs, one displaying cross-selling and the other upselling.
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Cross-selling vs. upselling: How to use each one in your business

Learn how upselling and cross-selling can drive business growth by offering upgraded products and complementary items. From Tee Tweets' success to broader industries, these strategies save costs, increase revenue, and keep customers satisfied.

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An image featuring a Kapwing webpage.
apps content marketing review

Kapwing: An all-in-one content creation platform

Kapwing is a user-friendly content creation platform, offering a wide range of features and collaboration tools.

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Tee Tweets logo and a white Tee Tweets hoodie with a depiction of a banking institution and money in the background.
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IndieHackers interview: Building Tee Tweets despite debt

Creating a successful clothing brand that lets you wear tweets highlights the challenges of quality, diverse audiences, and marketing. So take action, embrace your brand, and avoid waiting for the "perfect time."

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Screenshot of Hiram wearing a white Taylor The Creator hoodie from Tee Tweets.
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How to save Instagram images on desktop without a screenshot

Learn how to save high-quality Instagram images on your desktop without using screenshots. By accessing the hidden option and copying the image URL, you can preserve image quality for various uses.

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A person crosses out Facebook on their phone.
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The dilemma of #DeleteFacebook and why we're trapped

Stuck in Facebook's grasp: Despite wanting to #DeleteFacebook, I'm trapped due to its hold on digital marketing and advertising. Escaping its web is complex, but options like script blocking and alternatives like Vero offer a glimpse of a privacy-centric future.

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