Building, failing, learning, and sharing in public.

A thought cloud with a thinking face generates several business ideas, such as TeeTweets, InThePaintCrew, OptikAnalytics, SwapMyOS, No-Code Calendar, CookieSlayers, OpenSourcely, Reddit Account Manage
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Indie Hackers interview: Generating ideas

Learn how personal needs and desires sparked my business ideas. Find inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

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A rabbit and tortoise next to each other, symbolizing the contrast in hustle culture and building slow and steadily.
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Indie Hackers interview: hustle culture vs. building calmly

Grind the nonstop hustle culture, or build calmly? Here's my take based on what I've learned.

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A man donning a white hoodie featuring a Twitter message.
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Pros and cons of making yourself a part of your business

Embedding yourself in your business can build rapport and credibility. Deciding whether to be a visible face of your brand requires weighing the benefits against potential challenges.

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The Txt Hub's webpage screenshot.
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NoCodeFounders interview: How I built The TXT Hub

The TXT Hub is a no-code texting app for sending anonymous quotes from celebrities and TV shows. Let's delve into the experience of building the app using tools like Typeform, Twilio, and Zapier and reflect on growth challenges and monetization strategies.

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A large billboard in the middle of two large streets in a big city at night. The billboard reads:
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The idea behind building in public and why I do it

"Building in public" on platforms like LinkedIn challenges norms by openly sharing the journey of creation, even amid concerns of vulnerability. Despite social media's drawbacks, the push to raise awareness and spark new discussions keeps this approach relevant for authentic sharing and learning.

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Wired magazine with a cover photo that reads,
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Makerpad no-code founder story: Tee Tweets

Tee Tweets is a brand where people can wear any tweet. It was built in Shopify, embraced challenges, and looks forward to the evolving no-code landscape for collaborative growth.

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An image featuring The Txt Hub's homepage.
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NoCodeHQ interview: Building with no-code

Let's look into the importance of trying various tools, fostering collaboration, and advocating for standardization in the dynamic no-code community.

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A collage of nine posts from InThePaintCrew's Instagram feed.
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One piece of content can change your life

From embracing "Document, don't create" to a game-changing Instagram post, I learned that a single raw piece of content can spark significant momentum and redefine success, echoing Gary Vaynerchuk's advice.

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A big shiny trophy beside a crossed-out sample programming code with the universe in the background.
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How I won an app competition without writing a line of code

In an eye-opening journey, I embraced a no-code app competition to craft The TXT Hub, allowing users to send quotes via text. Leveraging tools like Typeform, MailChimp, Twilio, and Zapier, this experience highlighted the advancing possibilities of the no-code movement.

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Tee Tweets logo and a white Tee Tweets hoodie with a depiction of a banking institution and money in the background.
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IndieHackers interview: Building Tee Tweets despite debt

Creating a successful clothing brand that lets you wear tweets highlights the challenges of quality, diverse audiences, and marketing. So take action, embrace your brand, and avoid waiting for the "perfect time."

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