Who watches the watchers?

Signal icon over WhatsApp and iMessage, illustrating that Signal the superior communications platform
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All the reasons why Signal is better than WhatsApp and iMessage

Escape the clutches of data-hungry giants. Discover why Signal is the gold standard messaging app that supersedes WhatsApp and iMessage. From end-to-end encryption to open-source transparency, Signal empowers you to take control of your privacy. Read on to uncover why you should have made the switch yesterday.

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Blue Twitter hand coming through a laptop screen and hiding under a cloak.
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How to hide your Twitter following and why you should do it

Amidst discussions of shifting to decentralized social media, let's delve into hiding Twitter followers as a step toward escaping vanity metrics and advocating for user-centric platforms, promoting genuine connections over superficial engagement.

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A group of teens all on their phones in front of a wall plastered with the logos of social media platforms.
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The social dilemma: What it is, how we got here, and what we can do about it

"The Social Dilemma" exposes the manipulative tactics of social media platforms, emphasizing their role in spreading disinformation and shaping user behavior for profit. It's compelling to have a collective awareness and reconsideration of these platforms' influence.

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The Firefox browser icon stands proudly over a fallen Chrome browser icon.
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How to switch from Chrome to Firefox (and why you should)

Switching from Chrome to Firefox is a smart move for enhanced privacy and security. Firefox's anti-tracking features, user-friendly setup, and strong privacy settings make it a seamless transition for those concerned about data protection.

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A phone with Cambridge Analytica's logo over the background of the Facebook logo.
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The silver lining in Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

The silver lining of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is the raised awareness about data privacy, prompting discussions on safeguarding personal information and the potential for a Digital Protection Agency. Users are urged to take control of their online privacy.

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Five logos of desktop browsers focused on privacy. The logos include the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Epic, Brave, and Tor.
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Top 5 desktop browsers for privacy

Guarding your online privacy is crucial in the data-driven age. Explore the top 5 privacy-focused browsers, from Safari's anti-fingerprinting to Firefox's customization, to regain control over your digital presence.

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A security lock is being featured publicly on classic TV.
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Could transparency lead to security?

Delve into the intricate balance between transparency and security in the age of influencers and online privacy. As society navigates the fine line between personal information sharing and safeguarding, new ethical questions arise, shaping the future of privacy in our interconnected digital era.

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A person crosses out Facebook on their phone.
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The dilemma of #DeleteFacebook and why we're trapped

Stuck in Facebook's grasp: Despite wanting to #DeleteFacebook, I'm trapped due to its hold on digital marketing and advertising. Escaping its web is complex, but options like script blocking and alternatives like Vero offer a glimpse of a privacy-centric future.

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