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Signal icon over WhatsApp and iMessage, illustrating that Signal the superior communications platform
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All the reasons why Signal is better than WhatsApp and iMessage

Escape the clutches of data-hungry giants. Discover why Signal is the gold standard messaging app that supersedes WhatsApp and iMessage. From end-to-end encryption to open-source transparency, Signal empowers you to take control of your privacy. Read on to uncover why you should have made the switch yesterday.

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A vibrant assortment of application icons set against a dark backdrop.
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Setapp: Productivity suite, or risky discoverability tool?

Setapp, the "Netflix of Mac apps," offers convenience but harbors the risk of apps vanishing from the platform. Balancing discoverability with platform stability, cautious app adoption is urged, highlighting the need to weigh subscription value carefully.

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A depiction of no-code app development using Zapier.
apps no-code/low-code (visual development)

How to create a no-code app using popular tools and Zapier

I'll show you how to create apps without coding. Using tools like Typeform, Google Sheets, Twilio, and Zapier, I'll guide you through the process of automating tasks and building a functional app. It's a way to embrace technology and creativity without writing code.

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An image featuring The Txt Hub's homepage.
apps build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

NoCodeHQ interview: Building with no-code

Let's look into the importance of trying various tools, fostering collaboration, and advocating for standardization in the dynamic no-code community.

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An image featuring a Kapwing webpage.
apps content marketing review

Kapwing: An all-in-one content creation platform

Kapwing is a user-friendly content creation platform, offering a wide range of features and collaboration tools.

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A big shiny trophy beside a crossed-out sample programming code with the universe in the background.
apps build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

How I won an app competition without writing a line of code

In an eye-opening journey, I embraced a no-code app competition to craft The TXT Hub, allowing users to send quotes via text. Leveraging tools like Typeform, MailChimp, Twilio, and Zapier, this experience highlighted the advancing possibilities of the no-code movement.

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A phone with Cambridge Analytica's logo over the background of the Facebook logo.
apps ethics facebook privacy social-media

The silver lining in Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

The silver lining of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is the raised awareness about data privacy, prompting discussions on safeguarding personal information and the potential for a Digital Protection Agency. Users are urged to take control of their online privacy.

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Five logos of desktop browsers focused on privacy. The logos include the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Epic, Brave, and Tor.
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Top 5 desktop browsers for privacy

Guarding your online privacy is crucial in the data-driven age. Explore the top 5 privacy-focused browsers, from Safari's anti-fingerprinting to Firefox's customization, to regain control over your digital presence.

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