enshittification [en-shit-uh-fi-key-shuhn] (noun): the gradual degradation of an online platform or service's functionality, as part of a cycle in which the platform or service first offers benefits to users to attract them, then pursues more and more profits at the expense of users.

"Enshittification" by default is a bad thing. It's in the name. Even if you didn't know what it was, if you heard something was "enshittified," would you have a positive inclination towards it? Probably not.

As the trap of enshittification closes in on us all, the optimist in me thinks, "You know what? Maybe this is a good thing."

Piracy on the rise again. Streaming was supposed to end piracy, but it ended up making it worse. So it's no surprise to see an increase of people "sailing the high seas.

Let me be clear: I don’t “like” that things have gotten this bad, but I do like that the worse things get, the more we can collectively organize and pressure reform to fix these things.

It’d be great to see a true social revolution take place in our lifetimes. We built this, albeit incorrectly. We can also take it down and rebuild it.

Imagine value-based services provided in exchange for money, not monopolized by businesses that are designed and can only survive by exploiting its users (both individual consumers and other businesses).

How bad do things have to get in order to see meaningful change? Only time will tell.