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Writing about bootstrapping my own startups, no-code, infosec, privacy, social media, ethics, and everything in between.


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5 key takeaways from doing live chat customer support

Live chat customer support revealed valuable insights, including the need for clear FAQs, the diverse nature of communication styles, managing rudeness, and sending recap emails for better customer experiences.

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Hiram from the Chi sitting down against a brick wall, wearing a Tee Tweets hoodie that says, 'Be you. You'll be fine,' a tweet from Mac Miller.
build-in-public business entrepreneurship marketing startups

Pros and cons of making yourself a part of your business

Embedding yourself in your business can build rapport and credibility. Deciding whether to be a visible face of your brand requires weighing the benefits against potential challenges.

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ethics mastodon privacy social-media twitter

How to hide your Twitter following and why you should do it

Amidst discussions of shifting to decentralized social media, let's delve into hiding Twitter followers as a step toward escaping vanity metrics and advocating for user-centric platforms, promoting genuine connections over superficial engagement.

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build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) software startups

NoCodeFounders interview: How I built The TXT Hub

The TXT Hub is a no-code texting app for sending anonymous quotes from celebrities and TV shows. Let's delve into the experience of building the app using tools like Typeform, Twilio, and Zapier and reflect on growth challenges and monetization strategies.

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apple business ethics facebook social-media software tech

We're not in the software war, we're in the ecosystem war

Integrated ecosystems, like Apple's, shape user behavior, emphasizing the need for open standards and decentralized software to counter corporate dominance.

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build-in-public entrepreneurship marketing startups

The idea behind building in public and why I do it

"Building in public" on platforms like LinkedIn challenges norms by openly sharing the journey of creation, even amid concerns of vulnerability. Despite social media's drawbacks, the push to raise awareness and spark new discussions keeps this approach relevant for authentic sharing and learning.

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content marketing social-media tech

15 things you can do on Mastodon that you can’t do on Twitter

Discover 15 distinctive features that set Mastodon apart from Twitter, offering a glimpse into the world of decentralized and ethical social media, from server customization to encryption options.

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business ecommerce marketing

Cross-selling vs. upselling: How to use each one in your business

Learn how upselling and cross-selling can drive business growth by offering upgraded products and complementary items. From Tee Tweets' success to broader industries, these strategies save costs, increase revenue, and keep customers satisfied.

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build-in-public ecommerce entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

Makerpad no-code founder story: Tee Tweets

Tee Tweets is a brand where people can wear any tweet. It was built in Shopify, embraced challenges, and looks forward to the evolving no-code landscape for collaborative growth.

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apps no-code/low-code (visual development)

How to create a no-code app using popular tools and Zapier

I'll show you how to create apps without coding. Using tools like Typeform, Google Sheets, Twilio, and Zapier, I'll guide you through the process of automating tasks and building a functional app. It's a way to embrace technology and creativity without writing code.

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apps build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

NoCodeHQ interview: Building with no-code

Let's look into the importance of trying various tools, fostering collaboration, and advocating for standardization in the dynamic no-code community.

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ethics facebook privacy social-media tech

The social dilemma: What it is, how we got here, and what we can do about it

"The Social Dilemma" exposes the manipulative tactics of social media platforms, emphasizing their role in spreading disinformation and shaping user behavior for profit. It's compelling to have a collective awareness and reconsideration of these platforms' influence.

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build-in-public content entrepreneurship social-media

One piece of content can change your life

From embracing "Document, don't create" to a game-changing Instagram post, I learned that a single raw piece of content can spark significant momentum and redefine success, echoing Gary Vaynerchuk's advice.

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apps content marketing review

Kapwing: An all-in-one content creation platform

Kapwing is a user-friendly content creation platform, offering a wide range of features and collaboration tools.

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browsers privacy tech

How to switch from Chrome to Firefox (and why you should)

Switching from Chrome to Firefox is a smart move for enhanced privacy and security. Firefox's anti-tracking features, user-friendly setup, and strong privacy settings make it a seamless transition for those concerned about data protection.

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apps build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

How I won an app competition without writing a line of code

In an eye-opening journey, I embraced a no-code app competition to craft The TXT Hub, allowing users to send quotes via text. Leveraging tools like Typeform, MailChimp, Twilio, and Zapier, this experience highlighted the advancing possibilities of the no-code movement.

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apps ethics facebook privacy social-media

The silver lining in Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

The silver lining of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is the raised awareness about data privacy, prompting discussions on safeguarding personal information and the potential for a Digital Protection Agency. Users are urged to take control of their online privacy.

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build-in-public business ecommerce entrepreneurship marketing no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

IndieHackers interview: Building Tee Tweets despite debt

Creating a successful clothing brand that lets you wear tweets highlights the challenges of quality, diverse audiences, and marketing. So take action, embrace your brand, and avoid waiting for the "perfect time."

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apps browsers privacy tech

Top 5 desktop browsers for privacy

Guarding your online privacy is crucial in the data-driven age. Explore the top 5 privacy-focused browsers, from Safari's anti-fingerprinting to Firefox's customization, to regain control over your digital presence.

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Co-hosting Product Hunt’s Chicago meetup

Bringing Product Hunt's online community offline, Chicago's inaugural meetup brought together makers to share experiences, learn launch tips, and forge connections, navigating communication challenges and fostering unexpected camaraderie.

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