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A collage of nine posts from InThePaintCrew's Instagram feed.
build-in-public content entrepreneurship social-media

One piece of content can change your life

From embracing "Document, don't create" to a game-changing Instagram post, I learned that a single raw piece of content can spark significant momentum and redefine success, echoing Gary Vaynerchuk's advice.

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An image featuring a Kapwing webpage.
apps content marketing review

Kapwing: An all-in-one content creation platform

Kapwing is a user-friendly content creation platform, offering a wide range of features and collaboration tools.

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The Firefox browser icon stands proudly over a fallen Chrome browser icon.
browsers privacy tech

How to switch from Chrome to Firefox (and why you should)

Switching from Chrome to Firefox is a smart move for enhanced privacy and security. Firefox's anti-tracking features, user-friendly setup, and strong privacy settings make it a seamless transition for those concerned about data protection.

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A big shiny trophy beside a crossed-out sample programming code with the universe in the background.
apps build-in-public entrepreneurship no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

How I won an app competition without writing a line of code

In an eye-opening journey, I embraced a no-code app competition to craft The TXT Hub, allowing users to send quotes via text. Leveraging tools like Typeform, MailChimp, Twilio, and Zapier, this experience highlighted the advancing possibilities of the no-code movement.

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A phone with Cambridge Analytica's logo over the background of the Facebook logo.
apps ethics facebook privacy social-media

The silver lining in Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal

The silver lining of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is the raised awareness about data privacy, prompting discussions on safeguarding personal information and the potential for a Digital Protection Agency. Users are urged to take control of their online privacy.

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Tee Tweets logo and a white Tee Tweets hoodie with a depiction of a banking institution and money in the background.
build-in-public business ecommerce entrepreneurship marketing no-code/low-code (visual development) startups

IndieHackers interview: Building Tee Tweets despite debt

Creating a successful clothing brand that lets you wear tweets highlights the challenges of quality, diverse audiences, and marketing. So take action, embrace your brand, and avoid waiting for the "perfect time."

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Five logos of desktop browsers focused on privacy. The logos include the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Epic, Brave, and Tor.
apps browsers privacy tech

Top 5 desktop browsers for privacy

Guarding your online privacy is crucial in the data-driven age. Explore the top 5 privacy-focused browsers, from Safari's anti-fingerprinting to Firefox's customization, to regain control over your digital presence.

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Presenting a video from Aba, the coordinator of Product Hunt meetups.

Co-hosting Product Hunt’s Chicago meetup

Bringing Product Hunt's online community offline, Chicago's inaugural meetup brought together makers to share experiences, learn launch tips, and forge connections, navigating communication challenges and fostering unexpected camaraderie.

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Screenshot of Hiram wearing a white Taylor The Creator hoodie from Tee Tweets.
content marketing social-media

How to save Instagram images on desktop without a screenshot

Learn how to save high-quality Instagram images on your desktop without using screenshots. By accessing the hidden option and copying the image URL, you can preserve image quality for various uses.

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A concept of the Apple electric car.
apple ethics tech

Driverless vehicles: The socioeconomic effects and future of autonomous technology

Discover the rise of self-driving cars, their potential benefits, ethical complexities, and the intricate challenges of integrating them into our roads, as the future of transportation takes shape.

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A security lock is being featured publicly on classic TV.
ethics facebook privacy social-media tech

Could transparency lead to security?

Delve into the intricate balance between transparency and security in the age of influencers and online privacy. As society navigates the fine line between personal information sharing and safeguarding, new ethical questions arise, shaping the future of privacy in our interconnected digital era.

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Bill Gates sitting in front of a big table with his books.
business entrepreneurship

There’s no single correct way of doing business—here’s proof

Diverse business: Warren Buffett's research, Gary Vaynerchuk's action, Bill Gates' reading, and Elon Musk's work ethic whose advice should I follow? There is no clear answer, but embracing different styles and self-awareness matter on the path to success.

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A person crosses out Facebook on their phone.
ethics facebook marketing privacy social-media tech

The dilemma of #DeleteFacebook and why we're trapped

Stuck in Facebook's grasp: Despite wanting to #DeleteFacebook, I'm trapped due to its hold on digital marketing and advertising. Escaping its web is complex, but options like script blocking and alternatives like Vero offer a glimpse of a privacy-centric future.

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A low-angle shot of a basketball on the ground midcourt of a blacktop with the hoop in the background.
business entrepreneurship

How basketball correlates to entrepreneurship

Lessons from basketball for entrepreneurship: Teamwork, adaptation, and leveraging strengths matter in business, just like on the court. Studying and applying these principles can lead to significant improvements.

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